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hit counter It's alive when I see it through your eyes

It's alive when I see it through your eyes

Forever obsessing over bands and musicians I have a -3% chance of ever seeing live and that makes me sad as shit


when your family makes fun of something you’re passionate about and then claim they were ‘just teasing’ image

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Am I the only one that has that one person you cant stand but you have no idea why

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I think we need to invent a game called ‘shatner’

Someone yells ‘SHATNER’ at you and then you have to overact whatever you were doing


i am in

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I had a nightmare last night where I lived in a world without potatoes and let me tell you straight up you would rather be in hell

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"wow i really need to get hot before school starts" -me every summer

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"How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head."

Nina LaCour, Hold Still (via aconitina)

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